Change Log


  • For consistency with member listings, show icons for event Website and Email links (instead of text links)
  • Added support for "Read More/Read Less" toggles on long-winded event descriptions to save vertical scrolling space when viewing the site on phone


  • Added support for "Read More/Read Less" toggles on long-winded member descriptions to save vertical scrolling space when viewing the site on phone


  • Vertically centered the labels on the new Services & Other nav tiles, since it's not at all clear what a good photo would be for these!
  • Styled the category links at the top of group listing displays to look more button-y (check the Services page to see this in action). FYI ... this also makes much better use of vertical screen space on phones.
  • Added this spiffy Change Log to let us keep you informed of site changes.


  • Site upgrade went smoothly last night, but we quickly realized some member categories weren't covered with the first set of 8 nav tiles ... oops! Added two new tiles for "Services" and "Others". To get all the member categories under a tile, we also moved Art Galleries into the Shopping group and RV Parks into the Lodging Group. The new Services tile handles (duh!) the Services group, and the Others tile ... well, it handles all the categories that don't fit somewhere else:-)
  • Since all member categories can now be reached with the nav tiles, a LOT of the clutter was removed from the flyout menu (the one when you see when you tap the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner).
  • Added some helpful links to the top of the Antique Show schedule page ... can now easily get to a list of Antique Show Venues, a list of Show Publications and the Antique Show Booth Request Form ... sweet!


  • The site now plays nicely on all screen sizes ("responsive design") ... no more pinch to zoom when looking at the site on a smartphone ... woohoo!
  • New think of the home page ... say goodbye to cumbersome dropdown menus and say hello to navigation tiles! There are lots of other goodies ... here's a PDF that tells all.
  • Part of supporting Retina (2X) screens on phones/tablets is having higher-resolution member photos. So your listing photo isn't the one everybody points to as small and blurry, send an updated photo to the Office ... no need to send a ginormous photo ... 600 pixels on the longest side (width or height) is perfect.
  • If you're running one of the banner ads, we also need new Retina artwork for those ... here's a PDF with the scoop
  • Finally, if you have a Website (or know of one) that points to specific pages on the Chamber site, those URL's (page addresses) need to be checked ... most will need a small tweak.  Here's yet another PDF with those particulars.